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Nude Wrestling & Erotic Wrestling


Nude Wrestling / Erotic Wrestling

Watching or taking part in nude or erotic wrestling often fulfils many fetish fantasies particularly regarding bondage. For many years I performed in clubs to both small and larger audiences, and occasionally still do, in styles ranging from erotic wrestling to blatant sex shows. I also do private shows as well as wrestle people privately in their own homes. This, for my clients, combines the pleasures of nude wrestling with bondage, both the thrill of pinning and being pinned for sexual excitement.

What's The Difference?

Nude wrestling is exactly that, wrestling in the nude. Erotic wrestling is very similar but usually starting in bikinis or lingerie, so the first task is to wrestle your opponent and pin them and remove their bikini or lingerie. Tie-sided bikinis are by far the best for this and I have several for this reason. Alternatively cheap lingerie is good especially if you accept it will literally get ripped off. Some clients also enjoy me ripping their stockings off too.

What I Do

For private wrestling I will usually meet you in your home, or other place if you wish, the important thing is to have plenty of room, and a soft landing if possible such as mats of soft carpet. Don’t worry if you have never wrestled before, I can teach you moves and the whole match can be just for fun. I will wear whatever you like, or be nude if you prefer. Similarly you are free to wear whatever you like, whether it be gymwear or just a bikini, or be nude if you like. Wrestling is about holding and pinning your opponent, so the key thing to remember is that it can be fun and doesn't have to be painful. It is erotic and thrilling, if you pin your opponent in one of many positions whilst nude why not take advantage of them until they wrestle you off. For public shows there are a group of us who tour some private members clubs and put on a wrestling show for entertainment. It is usually a mix of all female, all male and mixed wrestling as we usually have mixed audiences of about 100 people. Wrestling is usually on mats, or occasionally in large inflatable pools drenched in baby oil or filled with wet mud. Why private members clubs? They don’t require the same entertainment licenses for other clubs, which are very restrictive. This allows us to put on very explicit shows and interact with the audience better. Laws are different in different countries; we mainly tour the UK and Europe as wrestling shows can easily become full sex shows.

Private Matches - Versus Females

Most private matches versus females are for sexual fun, they are not normally competitive matches, although some are. They are less formalised and not split into specific rounds. I wear whatever the lady wants which is either lingerie or a bikini or just naked. The stakes usually suggested are to wrestle for sex, where the winner gets to play and have sex with the loser any way they like. If I have lost this can include domination and result in bondage and abuse whilst tied up, including pegging, being urinated on, masturbated or full sex. If a partner or friend is watching they often join in too. Sometimes I wrestle in front of a small group of ladies who all ensure I lose the match by pinning me down, and then all make use of me afterwards. When a larger group of people watched I have been suspended scantily clad in a bondage sling so multiple people can access my body for their pleasure, ending up being fucked multiple times and covered in pee and semen. I have also been forced to dress as a tart and been taken out in public and shown off as someone's prize. This has included allowing the winner to explicitly show me off and even included public sex.

Private Matches - Versus Males

Private matches versus males are usually more competitive and nearly always the stakes involve cuckolding the male with sex with his partner who watches the match as the prize. Matches are nearly always naked and often referred to as cockfights. Frequently they are the idea of the female partner who enjoys seeing their male partner humiliated. Victory is not only by submission but sometimes by forcing the other wrestler to orgasm. Should I lose a threesome with me restrained is usually their prize although some couples have enjoyed dressing me as their trophy tart and taking me out in public to show me off. Normally though, because it has been the females idea to setup the match, it results in my victory which ends up with the male being forced to watch (often restrained) his partner and myself indulge in a sex session. Sometimes another female friend is invited to watch the match and the humiliation and join in with the sex afterwards.

The Audience

You are welcome to have any friends you like round to watch us wrestle privately, most clients prefer it to be private but some enjoy being watched, especially at parties, or by inviting a very close friend. Both privately and at clubs we attempt to bring the wrestling as close to the audience as possible. The audience will surround the mats or mud pool on all 4 sides so that everyone gets a good close up view. It is not usual for any wrestler to touch an audience member, or any audience member to touch a wrestler, throughout the match, although if it's a private match with only one or two people watching it is ok and does frequently happen. However, the front row(s) of a larger audience may be very close so care should be taken with any moves. It is up to the audience if they are too close and get dirty with mud or wet with oil (or anything else - bodily fluids included!).

The Rules

There are no formal rules, other than this is wrestling, not fighting, punching or kicking. A match would normally be split into a number of rounds. At club matches the final round is purely for show, the winner gets to dominate the loser any way they like. This is popular for private matches too, or to wrestle for other stakes agreed beforehand. These are usually fun and I’d never wrestle for stakes either you or I were not prepared to do. Examples of occasions when I have lost privately have resulted in bondage and abuse whilst tied up, and public dares of exhibitionism. If I win I would never force you into something you weren’t comfortable with. There is an American wrestling series whose rules I largely ignore, but they do have one last rule that is good: “Wrestlers wrestle, to put their opponents into submission holds, and holds that make their opponent helpless. The winner decides how loser gets fucked in the last round.”


For club matches, the 2 wrestlers, wearing tie-sided bikinis or lingerie or simply nude, fully smothered in baby oil, stand in opposite corners of the mats and are introduced to the audience. Either 2 or 4 members of the audience are invited into the ring to add a little more baby oil to the wrestlers’ bodies. This helps bring the audience closer to the action. For private matches we can rub each other down in baby oil, it makes the wrestling more slippery and fun.

The Match

Private matches don’t really follow a pattern, although we can set a timer to split the match into rounds. The aim will be to pin each other until the opponent submits, with each pin being as sexual as possible. Groping, fingering, masturbating, face sitting and fucking are all allowed; it can be as sexual as you like. Forcing an orgasm also counts as a submission. If you like we can follow the format of a club match.

Club matches are always split into rounds, usually 5, plus one "sex round". Each round is 8 minutes long. The referee determines the winner of each round which counts towards the overall result.

Round One: Wrestlers meet in middle of mats/mud pool and begin wrestling. Main objective of round: to remove opponents’ bikini.

Round Two: Continuation of wrestling with main objective of round: to explicitly pin, display, grope and masturbate your naked opponent. No submissions by pin in this round, a wrestler must release a pin on the referees command. An orgasm will count as a submission. Breast smothering, pussy fingering, cock masturbating, face sitting and brief penetration encouraged.

Rounds Three, Four and Five: All nude, any bikinis not removed in opening 2 rounds must be removed before round 3. Continuation of wrestling with main objective of round: to sexually and explicitly pin opponent forcing them to submit either by opponent calling “SUBMIT” or by forcing opponent to orgasm. These rounds are as explicit as possible for the audience with pins encouraged to explicitly display breasts, pussy and cock with both oral and full penetration encouraged.

The referee will determine the winner from rounds 1 to 5 based on the number of submissions as well as style.

Round Six (Sex Round): (About 10 minutes). Wrestlers meet in middle of mat and the winner throws the loser to the mats. Winner gets to fuck the loser and decides how that round will play out. Full penetration of any hole, females may use a strap-on, with sucking and fucking. Males must orgasm over their opponent (not in opponent) so audience can see the orgasm. Same applies to anyone peeing over their opponent. Winner is encouraged to dominate the loser as explicitly as possible.


This only applies to matches with an audience; private matches are entirely up to you what we do after a match. For club matches the 2 wrestlers stand in the middle of the ring in the state they finished the match still covered in oil or mud, cum and pee as appropriate. No cleaning up is allowed. The referee announces the winner to the audience. To bring the wrestling closer to the audience the 2 wrestlers will then walk amongst the entire audience still in the state they finished the match in to receive applause, congratulations and tips. The audience are free to grope a wrestler’s body and briefly pleasure them if they wish. Wrestlers are encouraged (but not obliged) to return compliments by touching the audience member, either through their clothing or if they are exposed then directly. Any penetration between a wrestler and audience member should be brief and for pleasure only, not for show.

And Finally…

Having said all that, so the audience receives a varied mix of action, some results may be pre-determined (fixed) without the audiences’ knowledge before the match. This prevents an evening where there are only male or only female winners. This does little to affect rounds 1 and 2; the referee will help determine the outcome in rounds 3, 4, & 5, whereupon round 6 will be played out as arranged.



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